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Inch Loss
Arasys The Inch Loss System

Arasys is a Hand Made Electronic Device created and manufactured by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker, Gerry Pollock. Originally built at London University, and recently upgraded at the London Science Park in Innova, North London - a European Community funded Research Center.

The high intensity Inch Loss treatment provides the equivalent of over 330 sit-ups in a 17-minute treatment reducing hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. It is the best all round body toning system with proven results and countless endorsements. We shall be pleased to arrange a demonstration under no obligation and tell you about our support package.

How Does it Work?

Muscles seldom work individually but in groups. The Arasys system bypasses the signals normally coming from the brain that activate the muscles during exercise.

This signal finds the nerves and provides an interrupted current that contracts the muscles and then relaxes them. The wave form unique to Arasys produces a slow "Ramp up", in other words a smooth contraction of the muscle making it a comfortable muscle building experience.

The result is "Passive Exercise" which in a seventeen minute treatment to the abdomen is the equivalent of 330 sit ups. Because however the system has eight channels several areas of the body can be treated simultaneously. On a 12 treatment course a loss of 19 inches could be expected. In addition the treatment has a diuretic effect resulting in the removal of toxins.

Works on you specific problem areas. Sessions only 17 minutes. Tones and firms muscles. Each session is equivalent to 300 sit-ups or 400 buttock raises.  Lose approximately 9 inches over 3-4 weeks. Widely known amongst the press as the only system that really works.
17 minutes £20.00
Course of 10 £160.00
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